• Have a go at an astounding trekking adventure

  • Have a go at an astounding trekking adventure

  • Have a go at an astounding trekking adventure

  • Have a go at an astounding trekking adventure

  • Have a go at an astounding trekking adventure

  • Have a go at an astounding trekking adventure

  • Have a go at an astounding trekking adventure


Experience an unforgettable and challenging 6 day-long hiking-tour across the wild Komovi mountains. You will be left with your companions to discover the beauty, charm and isolation of the most beautiful natural areas of Europe. Aim to reach summits approaching 2,500 metres, from which you will enjoy breath-taking landscapes, crossing a region rich in wild fauna (such as eagles, bears, foxes, boars, wolves). Take time to see (or even forage for) local of berries or mushrooms, according to the season and survey the majesty of this hidden corner of the world.  Here you can discover the “Katuns”, typical old Montenegrin mountain pasture areas and their rustic huts. On your way, there are several springs to refill your bottles with pure and fresh water.

Our trekking adventure is organised for groups of 4 to 8 persons, and runs for seven days from your date of arrival. Naturally, a good level of physical fitness and equipment is required to make the most of around 6 hours mountain trekking per day.


The programme is all-inclusive and comprises
  • pick-up and drop-by at the Podgorica airport (ideal for travellers with Ryan Air from Belgium/Charleroi, Germany/Berlin SXF or United Kingdom/London Stansted)
  • the hiring of all the trekking equipment comprising the tents – avoiding the surcharges applied by most low cost travel companies for additional luggage
  • Three indoor nights’ accommodation with half board (evening dinner and breakfast) , of which two at Casa Poleska (on arrival and before departure) and one at the lodge Eko Katun Stavna
  • Food and drinks for the six trekking days
  • Maps of the whole route
  • One cell phone with a local SIM card for emergency communication.

All you need to bring is your rucksack to carry all the above and your clothing adapted for mountain hiking.

You are also required to arrange your own healthcare and life insurance to cover you in the event of an accident (or worse). Specialist insurance is recommended. We cannot be responsible for any injuries or loss sustained whilst on our trekking adventure. Proof of sufficient medical insurance may be requested.


Don’t worry about your local transportation to Casa Poleska; our programme comprises the airport pick-up and drop-by service.


From the day of arrival to the day of departure, we provide you with a shelter for each night, whether in a tent, whether in a mountain hut. We also provide you with all the meals during your whole stay.


Our trekking adventure will bring you and your friends for a 6-days long hiking across the beautiful wilderness of the Komovi mountains.


Discover breath-taking landscapes, listen to the stillness and calm of an empty trail, experience the perseverance and efforts that reaching the top require and find out how friendship can help putting one foot in front of the other.


You will come back from your trek totally transformed, because as Edmund Hillary -the famous New Zealand mountaineer, explorer, and philanthropist – said “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”