Trekking Adventure

Your one-week programme, day after day

Day 1

  • Transportation by private car from the Podgorica airport to Casa Poleska
  • Distribution of equipment, installation and safety briefing
  • Free time for swimming, resting or discovering the local surroundings
  • Evening dinner
  • Overnight at Casa Poleska, in the dormitory room


Day 2

  • Breakfast
  • Packing for the departure
  • Briefing on the route
  • Leaving for the trekking around 10:30 am
  • First night in your tent at Katun Margerita area


Day 3

  • Morning: Crossing from Margerita through Rogam towards the base of Kom Kucki
  • Afternoon: excursion towards the summit of Kom Kucki (for climbers; any equipment can be left down in a mountain refuge)
  • Second night in your tent at the base of Kom Kucki


Day 4

  • Morning: Departure towards Eko Katun Stavna passing the saddle between the Kom Kucki and the Kom Vasojevicki
  • Arrival for evening dinner at the lodgings “Eko Katun Stavna”
  • Evening dinner
  • Overnight accommodation in a bungalow of the lodgings


Day 5

  • After a breakfast at Stavna, excursion to the summit of the Kom Vasojevicki (equipment can be left at Eko Katun)
  • In the afternoon, return journey towards the other side of the Komovi.
  • Overnight stay in your tent on the way.


Day 6

  • Visit of the Orthodox Chapel of Carine
  • Route towards the lake Rikavacko
  • Last overnight in your tent


Day 7

  • Return to casa Poleska through the local village of Verusa
  • Returning, cleaning and checking the loaned equipment in proper condition for the next group
  • Evening dinner and night at casa Poleska


Day 8

  • Breakfast
  • Transportation by car towards the Podgorica airport


This programme is indicative, you can adjust the trekking route to the hiking abilities of your group.