Trekking Adventure

The trekking equipment you should bring with you

When choosing your clothing and equipment, consider that one person hiking in the mountain should carry no more than 1/3rd of his/her body weight.

Your rucksack should be as light and comfortable as possible; please note that our rucksack rainproof covers can protect rucksacks of a capacity of 50 to 80 Lt. Here are some suggestions on what to wear or to pack in your luggage.

  • you should wear good quality mountain boots  – pre-worn
  • your clothing should comprise at a minimum:
    • fully waterproof jacket and trousers
    • comfortable clothing for both cold and warm conditions
    • one swimming suit
    • sun glasses
    • mosquito repellent, sun creams, etc.
    • we strongly recommend dry micro-fibre pool towels which are light, soft, and very absorbent

Please note that on route from the airport to Casa Poleska, we can organise a  supermarket stopover providing the opportunity to purchase any sundry items you may require.

You are responsible for the provision of your own equipment and all items we do not provide as detailed above. Please ensure you bring any prescribed medication and any specific first aid items you may require (such as blister plasters and appropriate pain relief).

We cannot be responsible for adverse weather and you will need to determine if conditions and the recommended route are still safe and appropriate.

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